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Taekwondo for Pre-Teens & Teens

Taekwondo for Pre-Teens & Teens

This group is for children older and/or who want to get more — a lot more — out of their training experience. This is where children train to begin achieving really big things.


Looking to Achieve Really Big Things

Although fun and enjoyable training is still a priority, this “serious” group tends to be more focused and more committed to getting results. This is where people “take it up a notch” and really begin to move up in rank from white belt to yellow belt to green belt and, with dedicated, consistent training, eventually black belt.

But, the training and the belts are only the results of what’s really valuable: the tools that make it all possible. Children learn how dedication, discipline, patience, hard work, perseverence, and intelligence pay off.

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Discipline, Confidence & Responsibility

Training in martial arts is not about fighting. It is about training the body and mind to meet challenges with a “can do” attitude. This attitude relies upon intelligence and confidence rather than fear and ignorance to face a challenge and resolve a conflict. Children learn that they don’t need to resort to violent and/or emotional behavior to feel empowered. They learn that they have other options. Further, they understand if they feel they must use violence, there are consequences, and they must accept those consequences. In this way, children learn responsibility for their actions.

Bit by bit, children develop confidence in their abilities and training, discipline to continue training well, and responsiblity to accept the results of their training and their actions.

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Positive Social Skills

By training with other like-minded children, everyone in this group can learn how to interact well with each other, support each other, and push each other to achieve greater things. Success does not happen alone and separate from others. It happens with the support and encouragement of others with similar interests and goals. Success breeds success.

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Many Days, Many Times

Currently, MSMAP offers seven training sessions over five days for this group (Monday thru Thursday afternoons; and Sunday mornings) with Friday afternoons for advanced training (blue belts and above). MSMAP takes away the problem of scheduling and allows families to come train when it fits into their schedule.
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Every one of MSMAP’s medalists in both forms and sparring attend this session. Sparring in training takes a lot of patience and practice, and the ability to train well translates into success for competition. The physical skills are important but equally important, if not more, are the mental and emotional tools to persevere — intelligently — to meet challenges; to apply their skills well; and, to learn from these challenges.
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We have lots more information about children, taekwondo, and martial arts. Please let us know what you think.
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Gold Medal Form
Gold Medal Form (2013)


Taegeuk Chil-jang
Red Belt Exam (2009)


Flying Side Kick
Flying Side Kick (2011)


Flying Kick & Punch
Flying Kick & Punch (2011)


Stretch Kicks
Elementary School Demo (2008)


Group Forms (Dec 17, 2008)
Winter Promotion Exam (2008)


Taekwondo at Mt. Shasta Elementary School
Mt. Shasta Elementary School (2008)
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Children practice good manners & citizenship

Plant the seeds of!
Learn more about the specific benefits of MSMAP’s unique taekwondo training for children: safety, fun, discipline, confidence, & good manners.

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5 Days Each Week!
Join us for lots of training & activities for self-defense, competition, fitness. Separate training for children, pre-teens/teens, and teens/adults. Pick your flavor.

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A Wonderful Journey Towards Excellence
Taekwondo is an excellent way for children — both boys and girls — to develop lifelong habits for achieving excellence and success in whatever they choose to do. We use a unique, structured combination of discipline, respect, high energy enthusiasm, and good manners.

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