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Taekwondo Videos

Taekwondo Videos

Following are some select taekwondo videos showing competition, demonstrations, and training. Good stuff!

2008 Olympic Action: Best Kicks
Get pumped: the best kicks from the Beijing Olympic Games. Music: “Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against.
Watch now: 2008 Best Kicks - Beijing (3:10)

2004 Olympic Action
Double-bonus — same video, different soundtracks (depending on your mood). Exciting Olympic action: big kicks from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The video ends with the dramatic final kick in the men’s heavyweight gold medal match between Moon Dae-Sung (Korea) and giant home-country favorite Alexandros Nikolaidis (Greece).

Loud, raucous music: “Scream” by Slipknot
Watch now: 2004 Olympic Highlights (7:26)

Jazzy technobeat: “Dreamscape - Long Edit” by 009 Sound System
Watch now: Olympic Taekwondo, the best action! (7:30)

More Olympic Action
See additional videos for competition and news in our Olympics Section:
Go to: 2012 London Olympics Taekwondo Action
Go to: 1988 to 2012: Olympic Action & News

Kukkiwon Promotion Video
Description coming...
Watch now: Kukkiwon Promotion Video (7:41)

Taekwondo Highlights By Itsenzothebaker
Lots of kicks from multiple angles.
Watch now: Taekwondo Highlights By Itsenzothebaker (7:26)

The Best Of Taekwondo
Lots and lots of head kicks from multiple angles to the soundtrack of Metallica’s “Sad But True.”
Watch now: The Best Of Taekwondo (5:27)

Taekwondo: Collection of the Best Kicks
Excellent collection of action highlights set to Lincoln Park’s “Somewhere I Belong (Album Version).”
Watch now: Taekwondo: Collection of the Best Kicks (5:27)

Olympic & Korean Tigers Action
Fast-paced taekwondo action. The Korean Tigers are possibly the best demo team in the world — inspiration for our own demonstrations.
Watch now: Olympic & Korean Tigers Action! (3:54)

Korean Tigers Taekwondo Promotion Film
This video gives a good idea of what the Ktigers are all about. Check out the crazy kicking sequence at 3:39.
Watch now: Korean Tigers Taekwondo Promotion Film (5:22)

Taekwondo Sparring Drills at Yongin University
Just a glimpse of the intense drills practiced at Yongin University.
Watch now: TKD Sparring Drills at Yongin University (5:46)

Korean Tigers vs T.I.P.
A fun, epic battle on a Korean talent show: the Ktigers square off against, T.I.P., the oldest Korean Bboy crew. T.I.P. stands for “Teamwork Is Perfect.” “Bboy-ing” is a type of break dancing. Crazy fun. Check. It. Out.
Watch now: Korean Tigers vs T.I.P. (6:06)

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Exciting Olympic Action!

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