Martial artists contribute to Senior Nutrition

Nov 19, 2014

The Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program’s fourth annual celebration of Korean Thanksgiving, or Chuseok, raised $335 for the Senior Nutrition Program operated by the Mt. Shasta Recreation and Parks District.

Donation Check Presention from Chuseok Donations

On November 11, participants in the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program gave a donation check in the amount of $335 to Mike Rodriguez, Director of the Mount Shasta Recreation & Parks District, to provide meals for seniors in the Senior Nutrition Program.


Food, Action, Giving

20 children and teens gave a martial arts demonstration, and nearly 50 people sampled Korean dishes and creative desserts prepared by local families during the September 12 event. A donation check was presented to Mike Rodriguez of the Recreation and Parks District on November 11.

MSMAP Executive Director Chuck Buhs gave credit for the event’s success to “the participation of families who care for the well-being of others in our community.”

The Martial Arts Program has donated more than $900 for senior meals in the past three years, according to Buhs.

“We greatly appreciate this continued support by the MSMAP families for our seniors,” said Recreation and Parks District Administrator Mike Rodriquez.

 “The Best Event”

Unlike in the past, Buhs said food for the Korean Thanksgiving was obtained locally instead of getting takeout from Redding. “Poncho & Lefkowitz allowed us to go local for our main dish, Korean barbecue beef,” he added.

“I think it was a great idea to do this as a potluck with people bringing in their own versions of Korean dishes,” said Marc Schrievers of Dunsmuir. He brought in four dishes: BBQ Korean chicken wings, meat and vegetarian japchae (Korean noodles), and steamed rice. “Any event that involves food is good to me.”

His son, Chris, 7, agreed adding, “I only care about the watermelon. Oh, and the cupcakes were the best!”

Riley Witherell, 14, and Elina Saryon, 17, led everyone in a martial arts demonstration. Riley also gave a brief lesson on yongmudo (Korean self-defense) telling the audience, “This is how even a little girl like me can protect herself.”

Buhs said, “Elina and Riley did a great job. I see improvement not only in their physical skills but also in their leadership abilities. They instill a lot of trust in the other kids, and it’s impressive to see it all come together for an important event like this.”

Elina, who has been in the program since 2011, called it “the best event we’ve ever done so far. Many people were involved, the demo wasn’t too long, and several families brought a lot of food.”

Watch Riley in Action!

Riley in Action! (0:12)
See Riley in action and get a better idea of what she's talking about. This is a clip from her yongmudo promotion exam about a month after Chuseok (October).

 SNP Needs Donations

Mike Rodriguez said many of the local seniors who receive home-delivered meals “have no immediate family in the area or acquaintances to offer assistance with shopping and meal preparation. Many of our homebound seniors depend on our program to provide them with their main meal of the day.”

The Senior Nutrition Program depends on donations from the community, according to Mount Shasta City Park Administrative Assistant Cindy Smith.

Suggested donations are $3.00 for on-site meals and $3.50 for home-delivered, but the actual costs are $7 to $9.

“Federal funding for the senior meal program still falls short to meet the service overhead for labor, raw food, non-food supplies, delivery expenses, utilities, and more,” said Smith. “Thousands of additional dollars are needed annually through community support and fundraising to cover these expenses.”

She said between 15 and 25 seniors attend the lunches at the City Park during the week, while close to 40 clients receive home-delivered meal service.

“Occasionally there are waiting lists, but at-risk seniors are always provided services ASAP,” according to Smith.

More than 100 people are expected to enjoy a full-course turkey dinner and entertainment during the program’s annual Thanksgiving Luncheon November 19.

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About the Senior Nutrition Program
The Recreation and Parks District is the official provider for the senior meal program thru a contract with the California Department of Aging and Planning and Service Area 2 - Agency on Aging. Year-round donations of food and money for the Senior Nutrition Program can be made by calling 926-2494.

“Since 1974, there has been a hot lunch program for senior citizens at the City Park Recreation Center...55+ meals are delivered to homebound seniors in the South County (Meals-on-Wheels). Transportation to and from the Mt. Shasta lunch site is also available...The Senior Nutrition Program strives to not only meet the nutritional needs of its senior participants, but also recognizes the importance of socialization and life enrichment. Informational programs, special events, and other activities are a regular component of the senior lunch program schedule.”

MSMAP & Chuseok
In the spirit of honoring the seniors and enjoying some great food, MSMAP began celebrating Chuseok in 2011 to help bring visibility to the Senior Meal Program with food, action, and, later, fundraising. In operation since 2001 and incorporated as a non-profit in 2009, MSMAP has over 20 years of continual instruction and training enriching lives in South Siskiyou County.

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