Taekwondo Competition

Competition is a fun and exhilerating aspect to taekwondo that often refines skills and heightens focus in ways that are unmatched by other means of training. “Competition is a method of developing the full potential of the human body, both physically and technically. Taekwondo competition pursues the development and integration of fitness, technique, and strategy as well as a sense of humility and sportsmanship.”

Plus, there are several types of competition for people of different ages and sizes. The application of skills through competition is what gives taekwondo its unique identity. It’s like taking the martial art out of the books and movies and taking it into real-life for a true test of skill.


Modern System

The Modern Taekwondo Sparring System is based on the systematic relations between techniques. Think of the game, “Rock-Paper-Scissors”: Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock. Success in taekwondo comes from an understanding of how to use the proper techniques at the appropriate times.

For example, a successful counterattack arises from consideration of two things: 1) Time and 2) Space. Time encompasses the striking and recovery periods of techniques; space is divided into open and occupied target areas. A simple example is that a roundhouse kick opens the attacker to a backkick to the body.

In a conversation in 2013, Professor Kuk Hyun Chung — 4-time World Champion, 1988 Olympic Champion, Professor at the Korean Sports University, and considered the all-time greatest taekwondo competitor — shared that the three essential components for competition success are:

   (1) Fitness
   (2) Flexibility
   (3) Unpredictability

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Types of Competition

Taekwondo has four different types of competition allowing people of all ages and temperaments to test their skills in a variety of ways.

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Fun and Exciting!

Taekwondo competition and training is fun! Yes, competition can be very stressful, but the stress reflects a thrill and readiness not found in other types of activities. Also, learning to manage the anxiety of competition allows participants to better manage themselves in other types of stressful situations.

In his book, Olympic Style Sparring, Professor Chung shares that “the ultimate ideal of taekwondo practice is to achieve a state of mind in which the performer is acutely aware of the endlessly changing competition environment and can effortlessly react to such changes. This state of mind becomes possible through the mastery of a broad range of offensive and defensive taekwondo skills.”

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Sparring Training & Drills

Competition sparring training emphasizes speed, power, timing, and accuracy. The increasingly intricate techniques used in combination are blended together by smooth, efficient footwork. Drills emphasize not only striking targets well, but also reacting well to moving targets or partners where the speed and distance of the target changes.

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Again, safety is the most important goal of the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program. For contact sparring, whether during workouts or at tournaments, participants wear protective equipment and are required to follow the rules at all times.

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The protective equipment used in taekwondo training and competition is a benefit to both the person wearing the gear as well as their partner/opponent. The padded gear minimizes the bruising injuries that will occur in this combative activity. Get some sooner rather than later.

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UC Open

Since 2007, MSMAP members and their families travel to the San Francisco Bay Area to compete in one of the largest taekwondo tournaments in the western states, the U.C. Open Taekwondo Championships at U.C. Berkeley. Collectively, we’ve won many gold, silver, and bronze medals in sparring and forms. Not only are the participants excited by the experience, their entire families are thrilled watching these tests of skill against similarly matched opponents.

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Taste of TKD Competition: Select Videos

Check out these exciting Olympic video highlights of taekwondo’s fast-paced action, artistry, and stunning power and see how fantastic taekwondo really is:
Watch now: 2008 Best Kicks - Beijing (3:10)
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQV_OvD7bhM

Watch now: 2004 Olympic Highlights (7:26)
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLz-sl1ZfB

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Taekwondo is an exciting martial art that combines effective footwork and powerful kicking techniques into a dynamic system of sport and self-defense.

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2014 UC Open action!

Hi Yo, Silver!
Eight local youth bring back 11 medals including six silver medals. Lots of nail-biting at this competition.
May 28, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2013 UC Open action!

More Gold in Forms
6 teens and pre-teens prepare together and it pays off with 10 medals including 3 gold in forms. “We rocked! Competition is a very, very fun learning experience.” Awesome.
May 22, 2013; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

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One Teen, Three Martial Arts, Big Action
A busy day for local teen competing in yongmudo, taekwondo, and judo. “It was rad.”
November 21, 2012; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2012 UC Open action!

13 Medals for Young Martial Artists!
8 children and 1 adult return from U.C. Berkley loaded with medals and memories of their competition experience; our biggest numbers...ever!
May 2, 2012; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Groundwork action!

Kicks, Punches, Throws, & Wrestling
Two competitors return to Mt. Shasta with four medals and the award for “Best Male Competitor” for the second consecutive year.
October 26, 2011; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

UC Open Action (April 2011)

Excellent Effort, Excellent Fun, Excellent Results
Eight competitors from six families, ages 7 to 38, earn 11 medals with outstanding performances in both forms and sparring.
May 4, 2011; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Medal Display from the 2010 UC Open

Big Weekend, Big Action!
The recap of an exciting weekend of taekwondo and yongmudo competitions at U.C. Berkeley—four gold, three silver, and four bronze medals. Who had more fun: the competitors or their families?
April 14, 2010; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Siskiyou County winners in martial arts tournament

More Families, More Fun
Orion and Griffin win gold medals at their first tournament—a huge accomplishment at the west coast’s largest tournament at UC Berkeley.
June 10, 2009; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

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