Be Prepared / The Three A's - Teen Dating Violence

The 3 A's

A straight forward approach to self-defense is something called The 3 A's.







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Assessment: Who, What, Where?

   Scanning for Safety: Pay Attention!
Immediate Environment Escape Routes. Doors? Windows? Indoors? Outdoors? Lighting? Other People?
Number, proximity, and identity of other people. Help or threat?
Large objects. Barriers for protection such as desks, beds, couch, table, etc.
Small objects. Weapons for you or others?
Time of day. Day? Night? Dusk? Morning? Visibility? Other people nearby?
Evidence of substance abuse or intoxication. Bottles? Needles?
Threatening Individual Identity. Is this person known? What is known about them?
Positioning & Proximity. Is another person(s) blocking the escape route(s)?
Size, Strength, & Conditioning. Does the attacker appear fit?
Demeanor, Stance, & Posture. How do they look? Jaws clenched? Blinking?
Emotional State. Agitated? Angry? Frustrated? Confused? Irrational?
Gait & Gestures. How are they walking? Unsteady? What are their hands doing?
Clothing. What message do their clothes convey?
Speaking. How and what? Loud and belligerent? Slurred speech?
Possession of Weapons. Does it look like they have a weapon? Get away!
Yourself Strengths. Run fast? Hit hard? Scream loud? Kick well? Presence of mind in stressful situations?
Skills. Speaking/Communication? Martial arts?
Feeling state. Remain calm? Think clearly re: options and possible outcomes?
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