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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only offering online training activities. Send us an email or call and speak with us to sign-up and get the Zoom links.


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Our charter school families can fulfill their physical education requirements by participating in MSMAP activities. Contact your child's Education Facilitator for more information about your school providing funding for activities.


Download our "Rules & Expectations" information sheet to get a quick overview of what we require in the studio.

Learning to tie the belt can be a challenge. Here’s a couple of videos to help.

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Taekwondo is an exciting martial art that combines effective footwork and powerful kicking techniques into a dynamic system of sport and self-defense.

Yongmudo outside wrist throw

Yongmudo incorporates a variety of techniques including kicks, strikes, throws, jointlocks, submission wrestling into a comprehensive system of personal health & self-protection.


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Details about MSMAP’s non-profit status and the benefits for donors including: What makes MSMAP a non-profit organization? What are the benefits & restrictions? Nonprofit, 501(c)(3), & tax-exempt don’t mean the same thing.