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Kick-A-Rama Spectacular!

Kick-A-Rama Spectacular!

“Karate Kids” Show Their Skills
Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010
(NOTE: This article is reprinted with the kind permission of the MS Area Newspapers,

NOTE: Following is an expanded version of the original printed article.

The Mount Shasta Shopping Center was the scene of high-flying action and martial arts precision for three hours on June 12 for Kick-A-Rama, a celebration of the talents of local children, hosted by the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program.

Group Warm-up Axe Kick Board Break Group Warm-up
Group Action Axe Kick Board Break Group Warm-Up

Included were demonstrations and a raffle prize fundraiser in conjunction with the release of the new movie, “The Karate Kid.”

The event followed two demonstrations held at Mount Shasta Elementary School on June 8 and precedes MSMAP’s participation in the annual street fair in downtown Mount Shasta on July 2 and 3.

Beth Stelz and Scott Buecker’s two young boys, Benton and Reese, had fun participating in all three demonstrations. In comparing the program here in Mount Shasta with his young relatives’ program in the Sacramento area, Scott said, “Although my relatives’ training is a much more intense and serious environment, it was not clear to me that the kids were having fun like they do here.”

Front Kick Board Break Front Kick Board Break Sparring Exhibition Warm-Up
Front Kick:  The basic kicking technique for beginners and board breaks is the "front kick." Here, three children
demonstrate the power of the front kick against rebreakable boards of various resistance.

Added MSMAP Program Director Chuck Buhs, “Our goal is to allow the younger children to develop good manners along with physical skills; there is no reason this cannot be a fun process. The bottom line is that Karate Kid training is available right here in Mount Shasta. And, judging by the support offered by our local business friends, we’re on the right track providing a positive and fun activity option to our community.”

Kick-A-Rama was supported by several local businesses, including Geppetto’s Toy Shop, Couch Critics, Dos Geckos, The Oven Bakery, Shasta Base Camp, Wayside Grill, and others. See below for a complete list of local businesses that offered support.

Sparring Exhibition Warm-Up Sparring Exhibition: Big Boys Precision Warm-up
Sparring Exhibition:  Sparring, both for self-defense and for competition, is a major component of taekwondo and yongmudo training.
Here, children warm-up demonstrating the coordination, skill, and precision required to control their techniques.

The Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program offers quality martial arts instruction to enrich the lives of children, teens, and adults. For more information about MSMAP, visit online at

MSMAP greatly appreciates the contributions of the following local businesses for their generous support of this event and the families in our community:

        • Coming Attractions Theatres : We Love Entertainment
        • Couch Critics : “ amazing selection of films”
        • Dos Geckos Family Restaurant : Mt. Shasta’s only taqueria
        • Geppetto’s Toy Shop : Your source of toys, games, and crafts for all seasons
        • Mount Shasta Shoes
        • Ray’s Food Place : Seasons of Savings
        • Round Table Pizza : The Last Honest Pizza
        • Scott Valley Bank : California’s Oldest Independent Bank
        • Seven Suns : Coffee & Cafe
        • Shasta Base Camp : climbing • backcountry • freeride • boating • rentals
        • The Oven Bakery : A Tradition of Excellence!
        • Wayside Grill : Building a tradition of exceptional food, friendly service & great live entertainment!

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