Chuck Buhs
Head Instructor
Teaching Philosophy
‘Everyone is welcome. We want everyone who is interested to be able to try our approach to training and learning. It’s not for everybody, but you only know for certain after you try. Who knows? It could make a huge difference. Come in and experience our dynamic approach to a better life!’
Teaching Experience.
30+ years teaching in club and credit courses at U.C. Berkeley, St. Mary’s College of California, Trinity College, The George Washington University (both in Washington, DC), and, at MSMAP since 2008.
Competition Experience
Taekwondo and Yongmudo Champion including being named Best Male Competitor at the 5th U.C. Yongmudo Championships winning both the wrestling and ‘anything-goes’ divisions (the second time winning both divisions).
Multiple Black Belts
6th degree taekwondo and black belts in yongmudo, iaido, and Wado-ryu karate.


Dr. Peter Halt
Founding Instructor
Peter started Mount Shasta Martial Arts shortly after relocating from Boston, MA.
4th dan taekwondo
1st dan yongmudo
Medal Display from the 2010 UC Open

Big Weekend, Big Action!
The recap of an exciting weekend of taekwondo and yongmudo competitions at U.C. Berkeley—four gold, three silver, and four bronze medals. Who had more fun: the competitors or their families?
April 14, 2010; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers