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2011 Martial Arts Mini-Camp

2011 Martial Arts Mini-Camp

Martial Arts Mini-Camp Begins July 5
Published: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
(NOTE: This article is reprinted with the kind permission of the MS Area Newspapers,

Local families looking for healthy, exciting activities this summer have a unique option with the “Mt. Shasta Martial Arts Mini-Camp,” a three-day program offering instruction in taekwondo, yongmudo (hapkido), judo, and basic self-defense strategies on July 5, 6, and 7 from 10am to 2pm.

A partnership between the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District and the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program, the camp offers instruction in a variety of skills to children, ages 5 to 15.

“Our goal is for children to have fun learning effective physical skills to keep themselves safe along with valuable social skills to better manage conflict,” said Chuck Buhs, head instructor of MSMAP. “Offering age-appropriate material allows the children to do some incredible things and really impress their parents.”

Attention Kicking the bag Kick
Ready to begin a form Kicking the Bag Front Kick
Children participate in a variety of activities and test their ability to focus on prearranged movements.

Recreation District Administrator Mike Rodriguez said, “We’re excited to partner with the MSMAP to offer this new summer recreation opportunity for our local kids.”

Local education professionals, participation in an organized physical activity is an ideal way for children to become healthier and happier.

“We have found that when students participate in physical activities throughout the day they are more focused and productive,” observes recently retired Mount Shasta principal Sally Gasaway. “Children need some form of physical activity everyday. They need to be taught breathing techniques and appropriate ways to respond to conflicts. Most importantly, they need to understand the physical changes that happen when anxiety levels rise, and they need to be taught a variety of methods to release that anxiety.”

Gasaway said she has observed that “students who participate in MSMAP are well disciplined and respectful. They are conscious of how they are speaking to adults, and the appropriate way to respond to situations. Students respect themselves.”

Bow Paddle Kicks Kick
Bow before sparring Paddle Kicks Sparring Action
More experienced children take it up a notch with various paddle drills and contact sparring.

Mark Telles, principal of Castle Rock Elementary School in Castella, agrees. “In some cases the changes in students have been like night and day,” he said of students who have worked with MSMAP. “A number of our students have made remarkable changes in their behavior simply because they learned to be respectful toward others and in control of their actions and behaviors.”

“I attribute this change in large part to the work they have done with MSMAP and to the atmosphere of respect in the program,” Telles continues. “The students seem to have a greater awareness of the world around them, and they exhibit a higher level of self-confidence. I have had a number of school staff comment on the positive changes they have seen in these students, and the students themselves demonstrate improved academic focus and significantly better social interaction.”

Buhs calls it “planting the seeds of success.”

As in the past, MSMAP is planning to demonstrate in front of the hospital during the Mount Shasta Fourth of July Fun Walk the morning of July 4.

Learn more:
Go to: MSMAP/MSRPD Martial Arts Mini-Camps
Go to: Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District

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