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Back Kick!

Martial Artists Collect Mountain of Medals
“It was great seeing our team in action on the mat and using all the skills that they’ve learned against people that we have not worked with...This event is a good measure of our progress.”
May 24, 2017; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

MSMAP Puts Words and Training into Action
“MSMAP exists for people that are driven to achieve. MSMAP combines accomplished instructors, a progressive curriculum, and a state-of-the-art facility thereby providing our community with a safe, high-quality, age-specific training environment to develop some pretty cool skills. People that stick with their training achieve amazing results.”
December 28, 2016; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Local Participants See Benefits of Martial Arts Camp
“The camp experience helps participants get more out of their training when they return home. It comes down to improving our skills, our confidence, and our health as part of an ongoing, lifetime project.”
August 31, 2016; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

MSMAP's 2016 Team

Martial Arts Team Brought Home Medals from Berkeley
“This year, we emphasized “acting like a boss.’ Our entire team did just that. This is what it’s all about: train, go out and test ourselves, return to the studio for more training to be ready for facing bigger challenges in the future.”
June 15, 2016; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Cooking Crew for Chuseok 2015

Visiting Martial Arts Instructor Emphasizes Lifelong Training
As for what yongmudo is, Dr. Norman Link highlighted the “anything goes” aspect: “Self-defense is not about fighting by “the rules’; this is a myth. Run, escape, cheat.” It’s “the art of cheating.”
May 25, 2016; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Cooking Crew for Chuseok 2015

Snow Biz Raffle
MSMAP’s winter fundraiser raffle we’re calling, “There’s No Business Like Snow Business.”
March 9, 2016; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Cooking Crew for Chuseok 2015

Martial Arts Program celebration and Senior Nutrition Fundraiser
”The generosity shown by the students and families of MSMAP is impressive and heart warming. Our homebound seniors will be treated to an unexpected Christmas gift of shelf-stable items for their pantries.”
December 23, 2015; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Cooking Crew for Chuseok 2015

Martial Arts Program’s Korean Thanksgiving raises funds for seniors
“We understand each other through sharing our food and friendship. We enjoyed providing different kinds of food and seeing the happy faces of everyone. When we share anything with others, life is beautiful and rich!”
November 11, 2015; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

UC Davis Team at Heart Lake

Taekwondo Team Inspires Locals While Training Here
“I was impressed that they were a whole team of black belts working together. They’re not trying to be better than each other but are helping each other to get to the same level.”
April 15, 2015; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Jump Back Kick

Martial Arts Open House Includes Senior Nutrition Food Collection
“I loved seeing the hard work of the participants rewarded and recognized. These kids work so hard to better themselves and their community. It was a joy to be able to take part in such a fun-filled evening...[It was] another wonderfully well organized event. They had impressive demonstrations, great raffle prizes and plenty of Christmas cheer.”
December 24, 2014; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Preparation for the 2014 Open House

MSMAP Plans Open House and Food Drive
“...District Administrator Mike Rodriguez said he was impressed by the spirit of giving from the students and families of the Mt. Shasta Martial Arts program, adding “it’s a nice way to send some extra Christmas cheer to our home bound seniors.”
December 10, 2014; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

2014 Korean Thanksgiving

Martial Artists Contribute to Senior Nutrition
“...the best event we’ve ever done so far. Many people were involved, the demo wasn’t too long, and several families brought a lot of food.”
November 19, 2014; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

2014 Black Belt Exam

Mount Shasta Youth Earns Black Belt
“This was a huge commitment, a real honor, and a very big responsibility. I learned I must be really focused. This took so much support from my family, instructor, and teammates. I really appreciate that!”
June 25, 2014; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Plenty of Action!

Many Local Medal Winners at Taekwondo Championships
“I was very excited for a whole year about competing. I worked really hard, and I was serious about my training. I wanted to be ready...I tell my friends at school that taekwondo is really fun, and they should get on the mat.”
May 28, 2014; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Plenty of Action!

Local Mother and 3 Children Take Taekwondo Exam
“We didn't start out to make this a family our son was enjoying himself, our daughters decided to join all five of us participate. We love that is affordable, fun and a great self-discipline that we can all participate.”
April 23, 2014; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Big Group, Big Audience

Martial Arts Students Showed Their Stuff
“I have no doubt that being part of this group is what [my son] needs and is helping him to grow to be a better person.”
December 25, 2013; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Getty ready: Split-Kick

Martial Arts Open House on December 12
“Preparing for this event allows me to practice a lot with the group. And, this group provides me with the support I need to get ready for my black belt exam.”
December 11, 2013; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Enjoying some delicious Korean food!

Martial Arts celebration benefits Senior Nutrition
“Community events, like the Korean Thanksgiving, are so important for the youth in the area. We think it gives them not only a positive atmosphere, friends, and a sense of belonging, but the concept of working to raise money for an important cause.”
November 6, 2013; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Preparing for Safe Dating 101

‘Safe Dating’ Teaches Protective Techniques
We get ready for a self-defense workshop for teens, pre-teens, and their parents. Intend to offer a few ideas on what to do in a dating context.
July 3, 2013; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

UC Open

Locals Win Medals in Forms & Sparring at Taekwondo Event
6 teens and pre-teens prepare together and it pays off with 10 medals including 3 gold in forms. “We rocked! Competition is a very, very fun learning experience.” Awesome.
May 22, 2013; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Promotion Exam Action

Taking A Next Step
“It’s always fun. I think to myself, ‘I can do this.’ I don’t fixate on the negative things; I focus on the positive. That motivates me.”
April 10, 2013; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Open House action

Martial Arts Students Show Their Skills
“...a huge difference in this community, not only for the kids but the adults as well...So many kids from exceedingly diverse lifestyles and households meet together on the mat and practice not only martial arts, but also respect, cooperation and tolerance.”
December 26, 2012; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Preparing for the 5th Open House & Holiday Food Drive

Martial Arts Program’s Open House to benefit Senior Nutrition
Our goal this year: The best event we’ve ever done.
December 12, 2012; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Yongmudo Tournament Action

Local Martial Artist Has A Simple Method For Success
A busy day for local teen at the 7th UC Yongmudo Championships and 1st UC Multi-Martial Arts Challenge. Competing in yongmudo, taekwondo, and judo. “It was rad.”
November 21, 2012; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Check Presentation to Senior Nutrition Program

Martial Arts Program Contributes to Senior Nutrition
Sampling Korean cuisine, helping seniors. MSMAP “bring[s] the students and parents together regularly... [and works] with area schools to...understand the benefits of taekwondo — discipline, manners, respect, and peaceful conflict resolution.”
October 17, 2012; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

2012 UC Open Taekwondo Championships

13 Medals for Young Martial Artists
8 children and 1 adult return from U.C. Berkley loaded with medals and memories of their competition experience. “This competition took tremendous courage for our daughter. She is now stronger emotionally and mentally — a major VICTORY for her!”
May 2, 2012; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

2012 Winter Promotion Exam

Kids Move Up After Martial Arts Exam
Local families share what the taekwondo training and exam experience offers following MSMAP’s largest rank promotion event — 27 participants from Mt. Shasta, Dunsmuir, Weed, and McCloud. “To see the way the boys have amazing.”
March 28, 2012; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

4th Open House & Holiday Food Drive ACTION!

Celebrating the Holidays With Food Drive & Mini-Camps
Highlights of our 4th annual event — lots of people, food, and gifts. And, we get ready for our Winter Break Mini-Camps, a great way to burn off excess holiday energy. “With the large show of people and enthusiasm of the children, this is a great opportunity for service to the community. It’s satisfying to give to those in need in our own community.”
December 21, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Preparing for the return of the yongmudo demo

Celebrate the Holidays With Martial Arts & Food Drive
“We’re glad to help with our own special way of celebrating the holidays: exciting martial arts action, giving away cool gifts, and, most importantly, helping to brighten the spirits of those less fortunate during this season of giving.”
December 7, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Medal winner and coach

Martial Artists Win in Berkeley
Two competitors return to Mt. Shasta with four medals and the award for “Best Male Competitor” for the second consecutive year.
October 26, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Introductory Remarks -- chompin' at the bit for action!

Taekwondo Demo Adds to Korean Thanksgiving
Celebrating Chuseok starts the fall and winter holiday season off with an abundance of Korean food and exciting taekwondo action.
September 28, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Seniors & Martial Artists at City Park
The Mount Shasta Recreation & Parks District and MSMAP prepare to celebrate Chuseok, or “Korean Thanksgiving,” with the seniors at Mt. Shasta City Park.
September 14, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Martial Arts Mini-Camp

Martial Arts Mini-Camp Begins July 5
A partnership between the Mount Shasta Recreation & Parks District and MSMAP offers the community a great program to learn cool skills. And, area principals vouch for the benefits of activity, particularly MSMAP’s activity program, for children.
June 29, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

UC Open Action (April 2011)

Local Families Win At Taekwondo Tournament
Eight competitors from six families, ages 7 to 38, earn 11 medals with outstanding performances in both forms and sparring.
May 4, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Black Belt Exam - Dec 2010

WHS Sophomore’s Growth Seen in Successful Black Belt Test
A comprehensive article on the positive results from preparing well for a black belt exam — MSMAP’s first black belt since 2006!
February 2, 2011; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

3rd Open House & Food Drive Action

Martial Arts Open House Was A Food Drive For Seniors, Too
Highlights of the evening’s action including how much fun children, teens, and adults can have helping others in need during the holiday season.
December 29, 2010; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

3rd Open House & Food Drive

MSMAP Plans Open House & Food Drive
Our 3rd Open House & Food Drive helps area seniors with a little holiday cheer. Also, a brief update on Griffin’s black belt exam.
December 8, 2010; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program Opens In New Location
MSMAP holds a ribbon cutting ceremony in its new location and further explains its mission. The smiles on the faces of the kids say more than any words except maybe, “South County’s first stop for anti-bully strategies.”
October 27, 2010; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Sidekick Help

Program Gives Students A Taste Of Something New
MSMAP participates in a new program to help Mount Shasta Elementary educate children through taekwondo, fitness, and good manners at lunch time.
September 22, 2010; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Axe Kick Board Break

“Karate Kids” Show Their Skills
An exciting event of demonstrations and raffle prizes donated by local businesses held in the Mount Shasta Shopping Center in conjunction with the release of “The Karate Kid” movie.
June 23, 2010; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Medal Display from the 2010 UC Open

Martial Arts Athletes Medal
The recap of an exciting weekend of taekwondo and yongmudo competitions at U.C. Berkeley—four gold, three silver, and four bronze medals. Who had more fun: the competitors or their families?
April 14, 2010; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Participants in the MSMAP Winter Taekwondo Promotion Exam

Martial Arts Promotion Exam Was A Test of Children’s Skills
The impressions of several families about the largest promotion exam in MSMAP history—from white belt to pre-black belt, from children to teens.
March 10, 2010; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Nuria's Dance Academy

Dance and Martial Arts in One Building
Our activity center expands to include local treasure, Nuria’s Dance Academy. We share demonstrations of dance and martial arts and hold our first, and very successful, food drive — 15 bags of various food items!
December 9, 2009; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Siskiyou County winners in martial arts tournament

Two Children Win Taekwondo Gold In Their First Tournament
Orion and Griffin win gold medals at their first tournament—a huge accomplishment at the west coast’s largest tournament at U.C. Berkeley.
June 10, 2009; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

MACMS with the mats

New Center Offers Martial Arts For All Ages
We open our doors and welcome the community to our new, dedicated training facility with five demonstrations (three taekwondo, two yongmudo), food, prizes, and lots of energy.
November 12, 2008; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

Master Kang demonstrates wrist throw

McCloud Became Training Ground For Martial Arts Students
MSMAP hosted over 100 participants at McCloud High School for an international martial arts summer camp.
August 16, 2006; Mount Shasta Area Newspapers

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