Snow Biz Raffle

Mar 9, 2016

Snow Biz Raffle

Mar 9, 2016

The Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing year-round activities to develop physical, mental, and emotional healthy habits, is busy raising funds through a winter raffle they’re calling, “There’s No Business Like Snow Business.”

The Prizes

The featured grand prize is a two-night stay at a luxury vacation rental in McCloud, two all-day lift passes at the Mount Shasta Ski Park, two equipment rentals at The Fifth Season, and a $50 gift card from the Wayside Grill.

The first runner-up prize is one all-day lift pass at the Mount Shasta Ski Park and a free premium ski or snowboard rental from Sportsmen’s Den. The second runner-up prize consists of four theater passes for Coming Attractions Theatres and a $45 gift certificate at Couch Critics.

Tickets are $5 each or three tickets for $10. Tickets are available at the MSMAP studio (612-A S. Mt. Shasta Blvd), Scott Valley Bank in the Ray’s Shopping Center., and Dos Geckos Mexican Restaurant.

“We’re excited about this fantastic package of prizes from our generous friends in the business community,” said MSMAP Head Instructor and Executive Director Chuck Buhs. “This will help us fulfill some key goals this spring.”

The Goals

According to Buhs, MSMAP’s primary spring fundraising goals are “getting people to two competitions at U.C. Berkeley: the 47th UC Open Taekwondo Championships and the 10th Yongmudo Championships both on April 30. We also need a substantial crash pad for practicing air falls and a variety of throws. Although we have a great flooring system already in place, an even softer surface to land on reduces the number of bumps and bruises, allows us to be much more aggressive in our training, and, most importantly, let’s us get in a lot more reps.”

The Reasons

The majority of prizes were collected by Eli Jones, a long-time area resident and owner of Alpine Construction and Solar, after hearing about the need to raise funds to get kids down to U.C. Berkeley.

“I remember being at Sisson in 6th grade and having friends that have never been further than Medford or Redding,” said Jones. “What a great opportunity for these kids to see a big martial arts tournament. This is an event that they will remember for a lifetime! With this incentive, helping to put the fundraiser together was easy!”

Jones, 43, trains regularly in yongmudo (Korean self-defense) at MSMAP.

“I started last October after speaking with my friend about options to stay in shape during winter when we can’t get out on our bicycles,” said Jones. “As I get older, little things that once seemed easy to move or carry take a lot more effort. Building a core has given me more strength. The classes are challenging and change daily so I’m working several different muscle groups. Watching my kids jump, fall and tumble always looked so painful. Now watching them I can say, ‘I can do that.’”

Jones also found that preparing for his own competition at Berkeley “helps me stay motivated to keep training. Because I have so many other things in my life that require my attention, it’s easy to attend to those needs and not focus on my own. Knowing that I don't want to embarrass myself or my training partners helps me stay on task. My expectations are to have fun and show my wife and kids what I have been doing the last four months.”

More Information

More information about this raffle drawing is available on the MSMAP website (, by phone (530.859.2024), email (), and on Facebook.

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