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2012 Open House & Holiday Food Drive

2012 Open House & Holiday Food Drive

Martial Arts Program’s Open House to benefit Senior Nutrition
Published: Wednesday, December 12, 2012
(NOTE: This article is reprinted with the kind permission of the MS Area Newspapers,

The community is invited to attend the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program’s 5th Open House and Holiday Food Drive on December 13 from 4:30 to 6:30pm. In addition to watching the diverse martial arts skills of local children, teens, and adults, attendees can enter several raffle drawings simply by donating three or more shelf-stable, non-perishable food items.


 A Holiday Celebration for Kids, Parents, Seniors

“Our annual holiday event is a celebration for three generations: kids, parents, and grandparents,” said MSMAP head instructor, Chuck Buhs. “Our kids and adults are excited to share their developing martial arts skills, parents have the chance to win great prizes, and seniors receive much-needed and appreciated contributions of food through the Senior Nutrition Program.”

  Getting ready for the 2012 Open House & Holiday Food Drive   Getting ready for the 2012 Open House & Holiday Food Drive  
A great event just doesn’t happen by accident — it takes hours of dedicated preparation by many people figuring out what’s working and what’s not.

Sisters Brynn and Reilly Witherell are looking forward to participating in the event as a way to help others while improving their own skills.

“I can’t wait because it’s a great way of getting ready for our next belt rank,” said Reilly, 12. “I look forward to taekwondo everyday — it always gets rid of my anger.”

“I think it’s great that visitors will come in and help people in need with food donations,” added Brynn, 11. “Taekwondo really helps us calm down, clear our minds, and forget our big problems.”


 Holiday Spirit of the Community Makes Early Appearance

“This is shaping up to be our biggest event ever,” said Buhs. “The generous contributions of local businesses enabled our families to collect an impressive variety of raffle prizes. And, we’re hoping that the holiday spirit extends to even greater donations of food by the attendees.”

Prizes include ski passes, ice rink passes, free ski/snowboard rental, gift baskets, gift cards, and gift certificates provided by Black Butte Coffee Company, Dos Geckos, The Oven Bakery, Pomodoro, Poncho & Lefkowitz, Sereni-Tea, the Siskiyou Ice Rink, and many others.


 The Gift of Food

“We can’t stress enough the importance of community support which in turn helps us continue to bring much-needed assistance to so many of our at-risk seniors who live alone; are in poor health; and surviving on extremely limited incomes with no immediate family to help,” emphasized Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District Administrator Mike Rodriguez. “Every dollar we receive in donations and every outpouring of support, such as this event, makes a big difference!”

“Our vision is creating a better community through positive action,” said Buhs. “The Gift of Food is a simple yet powerful statement of caring for others — many with few family and friends. Give a little or give a lot — each and every contribution helps brighten spirits in a big way.”

A complete list of raffle prizes at


 More Information

About the Senior Nutrition Program
The Recreation and Parks District is the official provider for the senior meal program thru a contract with the California Department of Aging and Planning and Service Area 2 - Agency on Aging. Year-round donations of food and money for the Senior Nutrition Program can be made by calling 926-2494.

“Since 1974, there has been a hot lunch program for senior citizens at the City Park Recreation Center...55+ meals are delivered to homebound seniors in the South County (Meals-on-Wheels). Transportation to and from the Mt. Shasta lunch site is also available...The Senior Nutrition Program strives to not only meet the nutritional needs of its senior participants, but also recognizes the importance of socialization and life enrichment. Informational programs, special events, and other activities are a regular component of the senior lunch program schedule.” More...


A Little About MSMAP
MSMAP offers dynamic and modern martial arts training for children, teens, and adults six days each week. More information can be found on their website at, email (), phone (530.859.2024), and on Facebook (MSMAP on Facebook). And, learn more about our annual open house and holiday food drive.

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We've been doing the Open House for over a decade. Learn a little more about what previous events were like.

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4th Open House & Holiday Food Drive

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