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Be Prepared / The Three A's - Teen Dating Violence


Be Prepared / The Three A's - Teen Dating Violence



Awareness is a knowledge of people and the environment in the immediate vicinity. Ideally, awareness helps an individual to circumvent and remove herself from a potentially harmful situation.


Pay attention to all the “funny feelings” that we usually ignore.

  • Definition. Intuition is “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.”
  • Significance. Intuition provides significance to observations by bringing awareness of the world around us to a conscious level.
  • Primary signals. Curiosity, Wonder, Discomfort, Anxiety, Fear. Pay attention to these signals.
  • Why it’s dulled. Attentiveness to intuition is ignored because the signal is dulled by judgment and rationalization. “We deny because we’re built to see what we want to see.” (32)
  • Trust the Gut. Recognize, acknowledge, and trust the “gut feeling,” the feeling an individual has when something is not right. If something does not “feel” right, it probably isn’t right.

Levels of Intuition

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Assessment: Who, What, Where?

   Scanning for Safety: Pay Attention!
Immediate Environment Escape Routes. Doors? Windows? Indoors? Outdoors? Lighting? Other People?
Number, proximity, and identity of other people. Help or threat?
Large objects. Barriers for protection such as desks, beds, couch, table, etc.
Small objects. Weapons for you or others?
Time of day. Day? Night? Dusk? Morning? Visibility? Other people nearby?
Evidence of substance abuse or intoxication. Bottles? Needles?
Threatening Individual Identity. Is this person known? What is known about them?
Positioning & Proximity. Is another person(s) blocking the escape route(s)?
Size, Strength, & Conditioning. Does the attacker appear fit?
Demeanor, Stance, & Posture. How do they look? Jaws clenched? Blinking?
Emotional State. Agitated? Angry? Frustrated? Confused? Irrational?
Gait & Gestures. How are they walking? Unsteady? What are their hands doing?
Clothing. What message do their clothes convey?
Speaking. How and what? Loud and belligerent? Slurred speech?
Possession of Weapons. Does it look like they have a weapon? Get away!
Yourself Strengths. Run fast? Hit hard? Scream loud? Kick well? Presence of mind in stressful situations?
Skills. Speaking/Communication? Martial arts?
Feeling state. Remain calm? Think clearly re: options and possible outcomes?
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