Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 45th Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp scheduled for July 2020 in Boise, ID is cancelled.

The next KMASC camp will be held in Summer 2021.

Join many dedicated martial arts participants from around the country and the world for an incredible and rewarding training experience under the tutelage of master instructors and competitors. All levels welcome, but some martial arts experience is helpful.

My overall impression of camp was pretty awesome. It was cool learning the different ways that people were taught, and it was nice to have new people to train with.

• • • • •

Riley Witherell

Martial arts training can be very demanding both physically and mentally. There’s always something new to learn. This camp solidified the mental aspect for me. And, I found a new meaning of being sore. It was great!

• • • • •

Eli Jones

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Master Kang demonstrates wrist throw

MSMAP hosted over 100 participants at McCloud High School for an incredible international martial arts summer camp in August 2006. Master instructors and Olympic medalists led training in taekwondo, yongmudo, judo, kumdo, and ssirum (Korean traditional wrestling).
August 16, 2006; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Visit the U.C. Berkeley Martial Arts Program web site for additional information about Summer Camp in 2010.