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Chuseok, “Korean T’giving” (11/15)
UC Davis Team Training (04/15)
7 Open House & Food Drive (12/14)
Chuseok, “Korean T’giving” (11/14)
Exciting Black Belt Exam (05/14)
UC Open Competition Action (04/14)
Taekwondo Winter Exam (03/14)
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How MSMAP helps children succeed
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Snow Business Raffle Fundraiser UC Open: April 29, 2017 Support MSMAP the Easy Way: start building your action movies collection at Amazon!
Run & Laugh: Preschool Activity Session - Big Fun for Tiny Bodies Taekwondo for Pre-Teens & Teens Yongmudo for Teens & Adults
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Promotion Exam

Prepare well to do your best
Get ready for the Summer Promotion Exam for taekwondo and yongmudo this winter/spring. Practice your kicks, block, strikes; know your forms; be prepared to take charge of your destiny!

Redding Tournament: Nov 14, 2015

Big Action in Redding!
Redding Taekwondo is holding a tournament in November. Get ready for some big action an hour down the road.

Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp, August 5-9, 2015

Summertime Fun in Idaho!
The 40th Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp will be held near McCall, ID in August. This is a great opportunity to train with Olympic champions and other accomplished master instructors.

Yongmudo Championships: Oct 12, 2013

Get Ready for Action
For the fourth year in a row, we’re preparing to send a team to U.C. Berkeley to test all our skills: kicks, throws, and wrestling.

Exciting Olympic Action!

Don’t Blink: Olympic Taekwondo Action!
A select list of videos and information about Taekwondo competition in the Olympics. See fast, furious, spectacular action and stunning kicks.

Children practice good manners & citizenship

Plant the seeds of!
Learn more about the specific benefits of MSMAP’s unique taekwondo training for children: safety, fun, discipline, confidence, & good manners.


Start now to be “Bully-Proof”
Learn the what, why, and how of becoming “bully proof” and living a much more confident, healthy, enjoyable life.


Get answers to your questions
Lots of answers for lots of questions. Our goal is to answer all your questions.


Join the action — it’s easy.
We offer the most comprehensive and effective martial arts training — and value — around. More training, more activities, more fun. Find out for yourself!

Cooking Crew in Action

Best Results Ever!
With a shorter demo, lots more food, and an extended fundraising timeline, we collected $443.
November 11, 2015; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Jump Back Kick

UC Davis Team Training
High-intensity training with an elite collegiate team!
April 15, 2015; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Jump Back Kick

Shorter Event, More Action
The senior ranks step up and offer the community some exciting martial arts action, loads of raffle prizes, and food for the seniors.
December 24, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Action, Food & Helping the Seniors

Food, Action, & Community Spirit
A huge spread of Korean cuisine, impressive demonstration, and $335 to support the seniors.
November 19, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2014 Black Belt Exam

Meet Our Youngest Black Belt
Vitaliy shares what it takes to get a black belt: it's not easy. It takes lots and lots of hard work...and plenty of support from friends and family.
June 25, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2014 UC Open action!

Hi Yo, Silver!
Eight local youth bring back 11 medals including six silver medals. Lots of nail-biting at this competition.
May 28, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2014 Taekwondo Winter Promotion Exam

It’s a Family Affair!
23 children, teens, and adults met the challenge for their next rank — along with an added test of their judgement when facing the unexpected.
April 23, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2013 Safe Dating 101 Preparation

Preparing for another workshop
We get ready for a self-defense workshop for teens, pre-teens, and their parents. Intend to offer a few ideas on what to do in a dating context.
July 3, 2013; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

UC Open: Spring 2016

Get Ready for Big Action!
“Success is dependent upon effort.” Don’t wait: improve your sparring and forms — today — for a fun, exciting time in Spring 2016.