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Overview of Yongmudo

Overview of Yongmudo

Yongmudo incorporates a variety of techniques into a comprehensive system of personal health and self-protection. The guiding principle of yongmudo is flexibility of response to use an attacker's force against themselves. Combining current health and safety knowledge with modern training techniques, yongmudo training is an excellent exercise program to challenge both the mind and body for health, fitness, and defense.



Yongmudo is a “self-defense” martial art and includes a variety of techniques including throws, joint-locks, kicking, and hand strikes. These techniques are practiced and applied in both standing and ground sparring. Falls and rolls are also learned primarily in relation to throws.

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Yongmudo Training Weekend
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Flexibility of Response

The primary principle of yongmudo is “flexibility of response.” The array of techniques in yongmudo allows participants to effectively manage attacks with a choice of multiple responses.

”Yongmudo is a new contemporary martial art that Yong In University has been developing to harmonize the essence of traditional martial arts such as Ssirum and Taekyun, along with Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Kumdo,” according to Professor Byungik Lee, Director of the Yong In University Martial Arts Research Institute. ”Therefore, Yongmudo is a systematic and practical form of contemporary martial arts. Yongmudo has been based on Yong In University’s educational ideology and martial arts philosophy to contribute to the globalization of martial arts education.’
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Training Goals

The primary goal of Yongmudo training is to learn how to use one’s body efficiently — controlled by a perceptive mind and fueled with an indominatable spirit — with the world around us. For example, rolling helps us to interact with the ground well and avoid injury. This line of thought applies to interactions with others as well: we attempt to redirect — rather resist — a forceful attack.

Balanced Development. Combination of various rigorous activities to develop strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.

Self-Discipline. Life-long practice of mental and physical improvement.

Safe Lifestyle. The application of correct technical movements.

Mental Confidence. The ability to make spontaneous judgments and decisions without losing rationale.

Positive Behavior. Training with partners of various sizes and skill levels in a variety of different types of exercises and drills.

Courtesy. A result of physical and mental confidence developed by ongoing training of mind, body, and spirit.

Leadership. Developed through a positive, confident attitude and fellowship in local, national, and global social environments.

Application of the “Water Principle.” Change and adjust to the flow of the surrounding socioeconomic environment.

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Due to the types of techniques practiced, the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program limits the full range of Yongmudo training to mature teenagers and adults. Children younger than 11 years of age practice a modified curriculum and must have the approval of the instructor following a conversation between the instructor and the parents.

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Specific for Teens

One of the most common ways that teens are hurt — physically and emotionally — is through teen dating violence. Learn more about this subject including how to recognize it and deal with it.
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Yongmudo Throw
Yongmudo Competition


Wrist Throw
Wrist Throw


Forward Roll
Forward Roll


Scarf Hold. Ouch.
Groundwork Sparring


Dive Roll
Dive Roll
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