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12th UC Yongmudo Championships

February 24, 2018
UC Berkeley, CA

Another opportunity to spar, yongmudo-style.

Wrist Throw

Martial Arts Summer Camp

Summer 2018
Boise, ID

Dedicated training in the Korean martial arts for several days.

Wrist Throw

49th UC Open

Saturday, October 20
UC Berkeley, CA

Start preparing now for the 2018 UC Open, an excellent competition for big fun and exciting action for both forms and sparring.

Back Kick!
Upcoming Events
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Get Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe

Be Confident, Be Smart, Be Safe
A self-defense workshop for teen & pre-teen girls — and their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends. Learn effective strategies for getting safe, being safe, and staying safe. It’s not all about physical defense either; verbal and emotional defense skills are equally important.

Volunteer Hands

Why are volunteer/outreach events important?
MSMAP relies upon the support of the community to fulfill its mission to provide a 5-star service on a 1-star budget. Learn more about how your time and energy makes a huge difference.