Fourth of July Action!

We’ll be BUSY and need your help. Keep reading to learn how you can contribute and keep the doors open!

This is our 12th year in a row participating in Mt. Shasta’s July 4th activities. Help make it a successful event!



First, thank you for your interest in helping our program. The July 4th Week is our time to be seen by the community and share what we do. These are important outreach and fundraising activities and we can use all the help we can get.


Second, we do what we do in order to offer something unique to our community. Participating in the biggest community events of the year is one way we seek to be connected to that wider community.


Third, we can’t do without you. Your support allows us to continue doing what we do — all year long.

July 4 Parade

Flying Side Kick at the Castle Street Stage: July 5, 2013
One of our highlights in 2013 was the demonstration at the Castle Street Stage on July 5 for the annual street fair. Here, Vitaliy Tveritin, 12, launches into a flying side kick that turns wood boards into toothpicks.

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Taekwondo Demo

WHAT:    A series of demonstrations as thousands of people stroll-by.


WHEN:    Thursday, July 4 / 8 to 9:30am.


WHERE:    Near the hospital.

HOW TO HELP:    Team Leaders Jesse, Rowan, and Elias need the Tiny Tigers and Taekwondo Teens to show up — in clean uniforms — to participate in mini-demonstrations during the Fun Walk (forms, kicks, yells, pre-arranged sparring).

NOTES:    Wear light shoes (not flip-flops). Heavy shoes will only slow you down and make you tired. Wear sunscreen. If you’re driving, you can park in the hospital parking lot before the streets are closed at 6:45am. Otherwise, arrive before 8am to review.

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Yongmudo Volunteers

WHAT:    Fill-up water cups for runners. Clean-up empty cups off the street.


WHEN:    Set-up begins at 7:30 and station needs to keep busy during the race and until the last runner cruises past.


WHERE:    The west side of the Lake Street I-5 overpass (near the CHP station).

HOW TO HELP:    Keep the water cups full as runners pass by. Clean up the street of empty cups when it’s clear of runners. Clean-up all discarded cups off the street after the race.

NOTES:    It's best to be there by 7:30am to set-up and be ready before the race begins. Bring a long garden hose to use to fill up cups at table.

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Why Volunteer?

Learn why MSMAP continues to participate in events like these over the July 4 holiday and why MSMAP relies on volunteers and fundraising to keep the doors open.

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We’re easy to find with Google maps. And, we’re in a convenient downtown location in beautiful Mt. Shasta at 612-A S. Mt. Shasta Blvd.

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The future is filled with opportunity
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Taekwondo is an exciting martial art that combines effective footwork and powerful kicking techniques into a dynamic system of sport and self-defense.

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